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A Combat pure is a character whose combat stats are specifically trained in order to optimise performance in player-versus-player scenarios WildernessDuel Arenaetc. For instance, someone with 70 Attack and 70 Strength and only 1 Defence would be considered a pure more specifically, a Whip pure. Though the concept of a pure most commonly refers to an account with high offence and low Defence, there are other types of pures, including " Berserker " pures, " Barrows " pures, and even Defence pures.

Still, considering the diversity of PvP-oriented accounts, there are almost countless variations—some accounts are primed to work specifically with particular weapons.

What Are The Most Common OSRS Pures And How To Get Them?

The most well-known form of pure, a one- Defence pure is a character designed solely with player-versus-player combat in mind. The idea is to train the account to have high offensive stats and a low Defence level while maintaining a low combat level to give it leverage over most accounts of a similar level. One-Defence pures may also exist merely for the satisfaction of hitting unusually high at low combat levels.

The levels of these accounts vary wildly, though many are within the combat level range.

types of pking accounts osrs

A Defence pure is an account that maintains a low combat level but has an extremely high Defence level in place of high Attack or Strength levels. However, since others have a large window of opportunity to escape from Defence pures due to their weak attacks and are also generally annoyed by the pure's high Defence, Defence pures are seldom considered viable for player killing and are instead usually created for the sake of vanity.

The combo used to slay opponents in PvP combat often includes the use of the Dragonfire shield 's special attack combined with the stacking venom damage from the Serpentine helm until it was nerfed. An Obsidian pure also called an "Obby mauler" or simply "mauler" utilises the Tzhaar-ket-oma weapon that only requires 60 Strength to wield.

This permits the pure to maintain an Attack level of 1, substantially lowering their combat level. These pures are usually also 1 Defence and lower in combat level than the usual One-Defence purebut occasional higher Defence variants do exist. Getting 60 Strength along with 60 Defence is also another good PvP combat pure due to the release of Obsidian armour.

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Similar to its Obsidian counterpart except with higher Attacka Granite Maul Pure also called a "G mauler" or simply "mauler" utilises the Granite maula weapon that requires both 50 Attack and 50 Strength to wield. These pures are usually also 1 Defence and lower in combat level than the usual One-Defence Purebut occasional higher Defence variants do exist.

Rarely seen throughout the Wildthe black pure can use low-cost armour and a wide array of weapons while being deadly at the same time, examples being the Dragon dagger and the Abyssal whip combination.

The small Defence boost is noticeable and can still benefit in small fights, which could overtake a One-Defence pure. Their levels are slightly higher than those of One-Defence pures, but they still vary. Most people with this build of account are typically PvMers who like a challenge or like the ability to be strong in the Wilderness as well.

In P2Pthis build is usually passed up for 13 Defence. The 13 Defence pure is essentially a black puresacrificing a small amount of offence for slightly more effective defensive gear. However, the Defence levels on these accounts are not due to training, but are instead usually a consequence of the 2, Defence experience gained from completing Nature Spirita requirement for a subquest of Recipe for Disaster.

The completion of this subquest provides access to adamant gloveswhich provide slightly better bonuses than combat bracelets. Their armour gives a noticeable Defence boost and allows for more efficient use of prayers during combatwhich also happens to make training more convenient.

Their combat levels are usually higher than those of their 1 Defence counterparts. Initiate Pures also benefit from their ability to equip armour with Magic bonuses, such as Mystic robes and Enchanted robes. A Rune pure is a pure that has 40 Defence mainly so it can wear Rune armour and other stat-boosting equipment such as fighter torsos and rune defendersas well as the ever-useful dragonhide bodies and coifs.

Rune pures are also extremely popular in free-to-play PvP ; in F2P, the idea behind this type of account is that a player can wear the highest armour available to them while remaining as low of combat as possible.

However, F2P rune pures often also have Attack capped off at level 40 for rune weaponrymaking their combat level even lower. Many rune pures are within the combat level range.As a Runescape player, you have the choice your account with as you please, subject to the rules of Runescape of course.

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So why not make a good account? You can also join teams or clans for pking, which will gain friendships with your pking buddies, who have similar stats and levels, and always have people to go pking with and help protect you from getting piled by a clan yourself. As you progress through Runescape, you can choose to upgrade to the next available account set up. These special account set ups are called pure accounts.

Have you ever seen those little "noobs" as most people say with their low level combat accounts, but yet they still are sporting that strength skill cape or the defense skill cape?

Better yet, seeing a level 54 running around with a strength cape! Good Stuff!! These are pures, trained to fight.

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There are several pures that will be gone through. Mele pures have the several strength pures and the Max Pker, which will take forever to get, but will be fun. Range pures and mage pures are high defense with either range or mage skills, or even both. You will find, in this Rs guide series, the several different types of pures. It is up to you to choose which one to train for. I will provide the details for each, concerning levels, armor, weapons, and a general runescape pking guide for that specific pure.

You will be able to read more about how to pk with your desired pures down the road, when we discuss pking with clans later on in the series. The good feature behind pure accounts is their ability to progress and become a different pure. What I mean is, start low with basic pures. Yes, you will have to choose what type of attacking you want to do, range, mage, or melee.

The good thing is, after that you can use those stats for a while and decide to train into another pure. So start with the lower level pures, experience them, and decide if you want to stay there of level up. So, keeping with the "starting low" concept, we will start with the lowest melee pure, The Obby Maul Pure. Skip to content. So you play Runescape? Did you ever log into a PVP world and die?

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Have you ever fought against someone, and wonder how they can beat you, with all lower levels in combat? Ever get downed by major Clan rush? Take a look at this series to find what you need to know in order to own in PVP worlds!!When i originally made this account i was going for low attack high strength with some range. But then i decided i wanted to be a mauler So whats left?

Range pure? Pure melee? Well i cannot tell you what to do with your account if I have no reference as to what you are attempting to get out of your runescape experience. Also stats would help. I don't know how i didn't make it clear enough. The title of the thread says which type of pure. But i havn't played in a long ass time so i kinda have forgotten what is good. There are staking pures, multiple PvP pures, and some will take more dedication and effort to create perfectly.

Either way if you want a OHKO threat then go with ags zerker or to a lesser degree mauler. DBOW is an option if you would prefer range over melee once again you have to decided which playstyle you enjoy more. Not a pure in the low defense sense, but 70 maybe 75 with kraken whip attack 70 defense 99 strength accounts are a lot of fun. Just dharok pking, or you can do rune with whip or whatever, at that level you don't really have any opponent that has an advantage over you, just a lot with lower strength and lower KO power than you, putting you at the advantage.

Only sucky thing is you can't train only str with whip so you're gonna have to use SS to pk with, or just accept that you will slowly become less pure and gain more attack levels or whatever. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account?I made this guide some time ago, but I deleted it cause I kinda screwed it up. There are many combinations of stats that can make up the perfect RuneScape killing machines.

There are some very simple combinations of stats that make up PKers, such as range pures, who only train range, and nothing else. And some hybrids train strength, attack, range and magic. I highly suggest keeping prayer at 31 for this pure. The strength pure is the average PKer. They are good and solid. They mainly use rune scimitars to lower enemies health, and then KO with the rune 2h. If you like speed and a fast rate of attack, then this is a good pure for you.

Generally, range pures use the maple short bow to fight, and nothing else. Nothing more to say here. These guys cost money to make and time, even more than the previous pures we went through. After they reach the desired magic level from non combat spell training, they use combat spells to train their hp.

Usually mage pures PK with a fire staff casting binds, and then attacking with fire blasts. If you want to stand out, and own defense noobs, this is the pure for you.

OSRS Pure, Med level & Maxed Accounts

These are probably the pures that own the most. Usually attack with range until opponents hp is low, and then take out rune 2h and KO. If you time correctly with this pure, you can make 2 hits appear at once with the bow and the 2h.

Pretty expensive to make, but is worth it in the end. Good if you like attacking from a distance. These guys usually dress up in mage clothing, but hold a maple short bow. They also have a staff in their inventories so they can switch it out to kill rune noobs.

Kill people by binding, ranging, and finishing with a fire blast. They kill defense noobs by just switching out staff and binding, and blasting.There are actually so many types of Pures in the game. But, it seems that whenever I am playing, I always run into some kind of new account build that I have never actually seen before. So, today I am bringing an article with all those different account builds, and each of their benefits and disadvantages.

Pay to Play 1 Defence Pures. These Pures usually have a very, very high Ranged and Mage level — usually enough Range for Black Dragon Hideand usually around at least level 80 Magic. Along with a high Range and Mage, they have a mediocre Attack leveland an absolutely high Strength level. Now, on the screen below is a combat calculator. The link to this will be at the end of this article if you would like to check it out for yourself. But, essentially, the reason why 1 Defence Pures are so good, is that there seems to be a clear link between their Ranged level and Magic level, and the Attack and Strength levels in regard to their Combat level.

Defence, Hitpoints and Prayer seem to have their own mathematics behind them regarding the Combat level.

types of pking accounts osrs

But, as you can see, as I raise the Ranged level really high, I have more opportunity for Strength and Attack levels without levelling any Combat levels. You never really see any 1 Defence Pures with more than 75 Attack.

Now, sometimes you will find that they have level 1 Attack and have really high Strength level only. This is an Obsidian Purewhere they use the Obsidian Maulwhich requires 60 Strength and these pures are really, really overpowered, since they have such a low Combat level.

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Now, the reason why 1 Defence Pures are so powerful, is that their low Defence level keeps them at a really low Combat level. But, their Combat stats are so high upmaking them really, really strong. Usually, you will see them using a really fast Range weapon like a Magic Shortbowand then switching into their special attack weapon like the Granite Mauland absolutely wrecking their opponents. Sometimes, you will see them using Mage as their damage source, and they usually use things like the Flame of Zamorak spell with the Charge spellwhich is unlocked at the Mage Training Arena at level This is really powerful.

Lastly, some of them have 52 Prayer for Smite. But, this really increases their Combat level. So, it is usually only seen on Max Pureswith level 99 Ranged and 99 Strength. Free to Play 1 Defence Pures. Now, these are all the cases for 1 Defence Pay to Pay Pures. But, what about the Free to Play 1 Defence Pures? These guys usually have really high Range level and Strength level.Runescape Mobile was released on October 30th The game starts out with a basic tutorial that teaches simple skills needed to master RuneScape.

To help further new players along in normal gameplay, various non-player characters NPCsknown as advisors or tutors, are located throughout towns and new areas. This area is known as Tutorial Island and completing the quests here do not grant any quest points. Probably one of the biggest reasons people are interested in RuneScape and want to buy OSRS accounts is that players choose their own objectives. Players also have the ability to join together for mini-games, PvE, PvP content, and can trade goods and chat with one another.

There are no goals that you are required to follow because it is a true open world game where one can play the way they want. You could play for years and only farm ore, herbs, and get quest points while never fighting a single NPC. Classes In Runescape there are no classes because your character is determined by the skills and gear you use. You are able to customize your character to look exactly how you want.

When creating your character, you can choose any color even blueyour hairstyle, and your own unique name. Skills RuneScape uses a skill system that allows players to interact with other players and the environment. In total, Runescape has 23 skills; 8 of which are limited to members who subscribe to the game. Players have the ability to raise their skills by gaining experience points each time they use a skill.

An account with max skills would have a total skill level of The total skill level that a player achieves is a measure of their in-game status. When any skill reaches 99, you will receive the option of purchasing an in-game cape for that skill in order to show off your level status. These materials are used to create items that can be used by other players. These items are often worth a lot of OSRS gold. A player can sell or trade these items with other players and shops.Every Runescape player knows that Pures can be extremely time consuming and difficult to train.

Your best option is to buy already trained and quested Runescape Pure accounts. If you are still struggling to train your Runescape account, save yourself time and efforts by buying a cheap pure account for sale. We have several payment options and fast and secure delivery of any account you buy from our website. A Pure is one of the best Runescape accounts you can ever have.

In a Combat Pure, the player focuses on increasing combat skills while in a Skill Pure the player has developed non-combat skills with little efforts on combat skills. Most Pures have great stats such as attack, 1 defence, strength, and 70 ranged complete with Mithril glove done just to mention a few.

When you buy a Pure account from our site, you are guaranteed of safety and prompt delivery.

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The entire process is secure and confidential. When you want a real Runescape Pure, buy it from our safe and secure portal without any fear of losing the account later on. Buying an account is fast and easy, and we accept a huge variety of payment methods.

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types of pking accounts osrs

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